What is the camp visitation policy?

Families are invited to an official Parents Day.  On this day you may join your child for the bunk’s morning activities and depart at lunch. If you cant make it on “Parents Day, our door is always open.

How will the camp staff know about my child’s needs?

On the camp registration and medical forms, you have provided the detail information about food and drug allergies and special dietary requirements, family situations etc.  This information is passed on to your child’s counselors during orientation as well as to the camp nurse.

What happens on rainy days?

The daily schedule remains the same except for the outdoor sports and swim activities.  Special arrangements have been made to move indoors for inclement weather.

How are the children grouped?

Children are bunked together by age and grade level.  There are generally 15 to 20 children per bunk.  Each 4 and 5 year-old group is comprised of an age-group coordinator, a senior counselor, a junior counselor and a CIT (counselor-in-training).  All other bunks consist of a senior counselor, junior counselor and a CIT.

Who will be taking care of my child?

All activity and age group coordinators are collage graduates generally in the field of education; senior counselors have completed high school; junior counselors are currently in high school.  All potential staff are personally interviewed and references verified.

What do campers need to bring to camp each day?

Campers are to bring a towel, bathing suit, pool shoes or sandals and suntan lotion each day, preferably in a backpack.  We suggest that campers wear a T-shirt and shorts along with sneakers so that they can comfortably participate in all of our outdoor activities.  Campers will be assigned a cubby or locker for storage of their bag.

Do I need to pack a daily lunch?

Lunch and snacks are provided daily.  Children eat with their bunk and counselors at designated tables in the cafeteria.  Each day will feature a nutritious entree, salads, assorted sandwiches and the standard bagel and cream cheese. We are peanut free and have a long history of working  with campers who have special dietary needs.

Are campers given choices in the daily schedule?

Our 3 to 5-year-olds generally are not. The activities in this age group are geared specifically to their interests and abilities. Campers, ages 6 to 13, are permitted to choose weekly electives or a special activity through our electives program that comprises of two periods per day and they change every week.

What if my child dislikes a particular activity?

It is our experience, that if the activity is fun, age appropriate for the child, and other children are participating, your child will join in.  All of our activities are evaluated for their success yearly.


What if my child is reluctant to swim?

Children are scheduled to swim everyday.  The morning periods are instructional while afternoons are recreational.  With a caring and nurturing pool staff and the warm weather, we find that all campers regardless of age do participate in the water activities.  When necessary, campers are excused from swimming for medical reasons.