Life at camp


Life at camp

The camp day at is centered around the heart of camp, our tent.  Its a place where the Junior, Senior and Endeavor campers meet four times a day as a full community. These meetings give counselors, activity coordinators and administrators an opportunity to deliver messages, make announcements, have short competition events, watch presentations or have the daily snack.  It’s the place where our counselors get to publicly affirm their campers or bunk for a highlighted moment from their day. This camper affirmation is a large part of our camp philosophy, counselors and activity coordinators look for special moments in the life of our campers and the public affirmation is something that our campers appreciate.

The first four periods of the day are scheduled to allow our campers to go to swimming every day. Campers are tested at the start of camp and are placed into swim groups with campers with similar skill levels. No camper is permitted to swim in the deeper end of the pool without passing the “Deep End Test.” Once a camper passes the test,  a bracelet is issued to indicate his/her ability. As for the remaining three periods, campers rotate through our schedule of activities through the week. The schedule is set up so that no camper will ever spend the day completely outside nor will he/she spend the entire day inside, unless we have rain.

There are two elective periods in the afternoon, after lunch.  These electives offer campers an opportunity to choose the activities they like to do most.  The choices are made for the week  and they allow for long term projects from some of our activity specialists or tournament style events from others.

The daily schedule is as follows:

Time  Activity
9:00 am Morning Assembly at the tent
9:15 am 1st period
10:00 am 2nd period
10:45 am Snack at the tent
11:00 am 3rd period
11:45 am 4th period & early lunch
12:30 pm 5th period & late lunch
1:15 pm Meet at the tent
1:20 pm Elective 1
2;10 pm Elective 2
3:10 pm Assembly at the tent
3:30 pm Dismissal